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Fluent In Silence

I wish people were more fluent in silence!

18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes

I've been doing this for years! Best idea ever, even did my boyfriends tshirt drawer too! Try hanging up all your shirts that aren't tshirts and fold pants in drawers, saves a lot of folding time.

34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

Hahaha wait i don't get it | Tank Top

I say this ALL THE TIME in my Cat Valentine voice & everyone thinks I'm annoying

Take Me Out Wine Hooded Sweatshirt

I love this jacket! Would be awesome for my 19th birthday before its winter. Take Me Out Wine Hooded Sweatshirt

penguins have knees | T-Shirt

3 out of 4 voices in my head want to sleep (the other wants to know if penguins have knees)

All I Care About Is My Horse... And Like MAYBE 3 People - Hoodie & T-shirt in several colors horse shirts,horses,horseback riding,clothes,horseback riding quotes,equestrian clothing,t-shirt,hoodie