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#promocave - Opening the Pickle Jar -- Character Interviews by @tmorsecode I love talking to other writers about the craft of writing, and in particular, which comes first for them: the plot, the world, or the characters?

#promocave Articles WRITE BEGINS AT FORTY by Angela Gascoigne @A_Gascoigne It could be said that my writing adventure started late in life. At the age of forty, having moved to Ireland, I began to keep a journal of my new milestone in a new place.

#promocave - In the Darkness of Illusion by @fluffybunnypj It is two thirty in the morning. I should be sleeping. But like many writers it is in these ‘wee hours’ that our minds race, that our thoughts begin to gel into some recognisable form of understanding. Thoughts that we must ‘get it down on paper’ NOW.

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The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

#promocave - Pixar - 22 Rules of Storytelling - Great advice for writers.

#Promocave Articles Quitting Your e-Publisher by Rod Raglin @rodraglin Why I’m quitting my e-publisher Five years ago when my first novel, Spirit Bear, was accepted by an e-publisher, I was a happy guy.