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Madeinusa Named one of the "Key Latin American Films of the (Last) Decade" by Sight & Sound, the 2006 Peruvian/Spanish coproduction is the debut feature of Claudia Llosa. Madeinusa is a 14-year-old Indian girl living in a Peruvian mountain village where a strange religious ritual takes place during Easter weekend. From 3 pm Good Friday until Easter morning, the villagers believe God is dead and sin does not exist. Thus they sin with abandon-drinking, stealing, carousing. And lusting.

Korkoro (2011) Tony Gatlif's new film on Gypsy life and culture won top prize at 2009 Montreal Film Festival (as well as the audience award for most popular film). Korkoro follows a nomadic Roma family during the French Occupation of WWII. Forbidden from wandering by a newly-imposed French law, the Gypsies hide out in a rural village and try to avoid capture and imprisonment by the Nazis. "Magnificent…[Gatlif's] depiction of the 'gypsy soul' has never been more visceral." –Variety.

Captain Abu Raed (2007) A discarded airline pilot's cap turns a janitor into a raconteur and a "world traveler" for a group of impoverished local children in the heart-warming and award-winning Jordanian film. This is the first feature film produced in Jordan in over 50 years and it has won a host of international awards, including the Audience Award in the World Cinema section of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Love Actually: Bill Nighy, Gregor Fisher, Rory MacGregor, Colin Firth: Amazon Instant Video

Sugisball (Autumn Ball) 2007 Estonian film directed by Veiko Õunpuu evoking Antonioni, Cassavetes, Kaurismäki, and Ulrich Seidl, "Sugisball" is a melancholy, miserablist black comedy set in a drab, Soviet-era Estonian high-rise, where four apartment dwellers-a tormented writer who spies on his estranged wife, a promiscuous nightclub worker, an architect, and a single mother-grope for love and happiness beyond the concrete walls that entomb their lonely lives.

The Past Asghar Farhadi's new film, like his previous offering, the Oscar-winning A Separation, concerns romantic relationships, family and the maddening inability to get a handle on the people around you. And once again, he is incredibly fair and generous to all his characters.

Milestones (1975) A post-Woodstock counter-culture classic. this is an epic account of the various paths taken by 1960s hippies, activists, and radicals in the years after the end of that galvanizing decade. Hailed by The New York Times in 1975 as "the most honest, complex and moving film exploration yet made of what has happened to the survivors of what came to be called the Movement," this unique fiction/nonfiction hybrid focuses on over 50 characters.

On The Bowery Lionel Rogosin was "probably the greatest documentary filmmaker of all time," according to John Cassavetes. This a fascinating portrait of a lost New York. Shot inside the bars, flophouses, and missions of Skid Row, the movie compassionately profiles the depressed denizens of this derelict district. Despite international acclaim and an Oscar nomination, the movie was attacked by The New York Times' powerful film critic Bosley Crowther. It is now on the National Film Registry