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Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle Better writeup than many. Looks good due to heatsink used. A Thermoelectric generator powered by a tealight. It started as an experiment of how much power I could get from one candle. But I liked the idea and it worked really well so I built this electric-mechanical ornament. I did not use a high temperature TEG-module, but instead a cheap TEC-module. That can still handle 200 degrees Celsius which is good enough.

This creature is an Axolotl or "Mexican Walking Fish". It is an amphibian, more specifically, a salamander. Axolotls have become popular as exotic pets. In captivity, they are housed in an aquarium and can have a range of colours.

Vinotemp VT-16TEDS Thermo-Electric Digital 16-Bottle Wine Chiller, Black and Stainless by Vinotemp. $223.98. Vinotemp VT-16TEDS Thermo Electric Digital Black w/Stainless Steel trim (16) Bottle wine cooler. With the innovative thermo-electric cooling system, which involves very few moving parts, your wine will be protected from unneccessary vibration. More importantly, Thermo-electric cooling does not use ozone depleating chemicals such as CFC's or HCFC's so you will be su...

Dacor DYWS4 20 Inch Wine Storage with 4-Bottle Capacity, Thermo-Electric Cooling System, LCD Controls, Dispensing System and Parental Control Locking Door