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Once upon a dream, You were a twinkle in the deepest crevices of my mind, and now, now You are my reality! I Love You!

Moonlight Waves Chimes: Made of 34 antiqued copper-plated steel discs strung from an arch of ash. 37x12".$40/ LOVE these so much...

A http://www, rePin. Want this as a giant picture in my room! Splashtablet iPad Cases - the perfect case for garden, pond work, beach & pool - waterproof under $45 5-Stars - Collecting up my prior pins here for re-casting on new boards.

STIK, London Street Artist. STIK was chosen by Edward Lucie-Smith and Zavier Ellis to be part of the latest survey of London's painters in '100 London Artists Volume 1: 50 Painters'. Download your copy of the iBook straight to you iPad here: £2.49 #iArtBooks

The Eaux Eaux sink is quite a take on the oceanic wave! Its simple form, in one fluid motion, integrates the spout into the basin. It’s like the flow and ebbing of the waves in a synchronized dance. The base is secured into a recessed counter top while the stainless steel body is glam-ed up with a blush of paint. The overall effect is perfect!

Pink Flamingos - I hear this is the new sign of breast cancer awareness instead of a pink ribbon. There is a story of some women whose friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a showing of support the women waited until late night and graced their friends yard with hundreds of pink flamingos. Kinda like the tie a yellow ribbon effect, but muuuuuuch better. I like the idea.