Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas for $35, send in your unit crest or logo and pick your color glass and leather. Seller Mary Kim Hanson. She does pendants, bracelets and a host of other things too.

Frame your favorite images and turn them into a classy glass tile pendant--these are inexpensive and easy if you want to use your unit crest.

@hogberg creations can put your unit crest on glass.

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SPECIAL FORCES crest stained glass

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Charity Charms - If I had the funds I would get a unit crest made with this company and either these rigid charm bracelets or their colorful rubber ones. $2400-3000 minimum purchase! Great for charities or units who can raise the funds! I believe these only cost $6 each so plenty of room for mark up if you do plan to sell them!

Off the Beaten Path Gift Shop on Fort Drum, NY makes a bracelet from the Unit Crest Pins or various Pins given for Military Service.

Purchase a bracelet from a local craft store and glue old unit pins on the outside after removing the pin part with a set of pliers and a file.

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Thumbprint Charm Heart Necklace & DIY Gift Wrap

Thumbprint Heart Charm Pendants at