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Explore Upcoming Nocturnal, Sigler Fan and more!

Another still from the upcoming NOCTURNAL book trailer. Those who heard the story will like the little elements in this.

Infected by Scott Sigler. Sometimes stories in novels just freak you out because it's possible they can happen in real life. Infected is one of those. A virus causes people to go violently mad, there are two stories within this one. Recommended. Check out the author's site @

The cover for the GFL novella THE DETECTIVE, by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace. No, it's not the Human Torch, it's a bit more severe than that. This book tells the story of Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga's search for the family of Quentin Barnes. Expect it in the Kindle store, on Nook, and at in October, 2012.

This week’s tale comes from the GFL era of the Siglerverse, but a deeper, darker, more dangerous corner. If the victors write the history books, this is a story about what This week's free audiostory is "Hero." What happens after your space opera's heroic fade to black? Just two more stories in BONES ARE WHITE after this week one-parter. Brought to you by our Eastbay Coupon page at

Today I received my advance reader copy (ARC) of NOCTURNAL from Crown Publishing. The book comes out in just 18 days. When it hits on April 3, I'll see if all the hard work paid off.

GFL gear represent! A bunch of fans tricked out in gear from the To Pirates, the Ionath Krakens and the OS1 Orbiting Death.