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Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

although i believe it is not our fault that men have the minds they do, we don't wear wut we wear to impress guys, we wear it to be comfortable of ourselves! if guys choose to think the way they do about us in a sexual way how is that our problem? IT IS NOT THE WAY WE DRESS THAT AFFECTS THIS PROBLEM! WE DO NOT DRESS LIKE SLUTS WHEN WE WEAR CROP TOPS OR SPAGHETTI STRAPS!!

Disturbed has been my favorite band since I learned how to download music. Most of the songs are upbeat and they have good word choice with their lyrics which makes me like them even more.

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A collection of tweets about racist episodes POC are facing now that Trump is our President Elect.

Don't ever disturb a Taurus when they're trying to nap unless you want to face the wrath of a raging bull. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

This is hilarious! Jared looks so cute with Jensen's hair, and they uploaded this on facebook the same day Dan and Phil did the face swap, although this was less mentally scarring!