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Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge January 3, 1879-July 8, 1957 Wife of President Calvin Coolidge First Lady from 1923-1929

October 1944. Wilkes County, Georgia. "Woods Plantation Country House, Washington vicinity." Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston Kinda fancy for a dogtrot house.n a much humbler southern cabin it would be called a "dogtrot". When the family first settled on the land, they would build a one room cabin. As the farm prospered a seconded room would be built with a roofed over area between. During the summer months the family would cook and eat in this cooler space.

2nd First Lady, Abigail Adams Smith, 1784, President John Adams wife and #2, First Lady of the White House. Mother of John Quincy Adams our 6th president.

Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge was born January 3, 1879 and died July 8, 1957. She was the wife of Calvin Coolidge and the First Lady of the United States from 1923 to 1929. She contributed greatly to her husband's rise to office, balancing his natural shyness with her own outgoing style, though he never discussed politics with her. She proved to be an exceptionally popular White House hostess.

The Coolidge family Calvin Coolidge 30th #President of the United States 32nd #FirstLady.Grace Coolidge. Their two sons John Coolidge and Calvin Coolidge, Jr, #PresidentsOfUSA

George Dawe (1781-1829) UK. 'Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna', 1786-1859 hija del zar Pablo I de Rusia y de Sofía Dorotea de Wurtemberg. Dawe pintó retratos de generales rusos que habían luchado durante la invasión napoleónica y terminó instalándose en San Petersburgo, siendo el primer pintor de retratos de la corte imperial rusa.