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ARGUMENTUM AD MONSANTIUM It’s my favorite new logical fallacy, the “Appeal to Monsanto”, the world’s largest producer of biotech agriculture seeds. This is the logic that compels many anti-GMO activists to reply to any argument in support of biotech crops with “So you love Monsanto?” It’s so wonderful because it combines many other logical fallacies into one, and is thus a great time saver.

Turning Lymph Nodes Into Liver-Growing Factories discovered how to turn any one of the body’s 500 lymph nodes—the small, oval-shaped organs where immune cells gather to fight invading pathogens—into an incubator that can grow an entirely new liver.

Sixty second podcast on "Fake Fecal Transplant" for stool transplants to repopulate a person's gut with healthy bacteria. Aka rePOOPulate. ZING!

Just 5 minutes in this position, and you will feel like you have a brand-new back. Try it and see for yourself!