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This CVC “Splat” Phonics Game is a fun way for students to practice reading CVC words and building fluency. This set also includes some CCVC words as a way of differentiating and challenging students who are ready for these kinds of words.

Halloween Ready, Set, Print! from First Grade Fun Times on - (25 pages) - Math, Reading and Writing Practice for Primary Grades - October themed

Ready to Teach English and Spanish from Easy Reading For Reading Comprehension…

CVC Roll, Read and Trace

CVC Roll, Read and Trace! Here is a FUN and interactive way to practice simple CVC word families! Roll the die and trace a word family in the column! How FUN!

Slides and Ladders--Short Vowel Games

A fun way to practice reading words based on a given phonics skill. In this set of games, students practice short vowel words. The reading/language...

TeachToTell from ANIMAL FOOTPRINTS SCOOT: COLORED FOOTPRINTS on - (20 pages) - Students need to observe the footprint on each card and write the name of the animal it belongs to. Animal picture cards included to target differentiation.

Create abilities from Place Value on - (21 pages) - This math set is tied directly to the fourth grade common core NBT.1: Recognize that in a multi-digit whole number, a digit in one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to its right. Included in this download are: -Five math tasks