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Peitho the goddess of persuasion and seductive speech. She was a handmaiden of Aphrodite and one of the Theoi Gamelioi (gods of marriage).

Ereshkigal (Sumerian) - Goddess of Attalu, the land of the dead and ancestral memories. Her name translates as "great lady under the earth." Irkalla is an alternative name by which this Goddess is identified.

RAN - she was the JOTUN goddess of the sea and wife of AEGIR, the JOTUN Lord of the Sea. She and AEGIRr had nine beautiful daughters called 'The Waves'), each of which represented a different type of wave. RAN carries a large magical net, which she uses to catch both fish and men. RAN and her family lived in an undersea cave lined with gold.

"As I begin to paint the scene, I drift into a right brain realm where I forget time and space and just sort of live inside this painting and the flow of color and brush strokes." – Artist Dimitra Milan

One of the kin, he's a fearsome one that has high respect in their culture. Maybe a religious figure? guerreros aztecas - Buscar con Google

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