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Marvelous Nature Landscapes by Zachary Edward Martgan #inspiration #photography

Gorgeous Landscape Photography by Davey Gravy #inspiration #photography

London's Street Portrait Photography by Joshua K. Jackson #inspiration #photography

What if we made a layout, printed it out, put the shoe in the right place, shot a photo of it and put it into the catalog? Eh? EH? Prrrrretty cool i think.

New York based artist and photographer Zeren Badar explores the combination of photography, painting, and collage in his “Accident Series”. The peculiar series consists of photographs of old paintings with food and other objects arranged on each of them. The serious subjects of the paintings juxtapose with the completely out-of-place objects, making for an interesting, contemporary examination of still life art.

Beautiful and Colorful Instagrams by Steve Zeinner #inspiration #photography

Stunning Drone Photography by Tobias Hägg #inspiration #photography

Stunning Travel Instagrams by Adam Bakay #inspiration #photography

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