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Maciej Ratajski Sny (nie)rzeczywiste A poster for the second exhibition of the Ideozy series at Instytut Awangardy [Institute of the Avant-garde]. Its title Sny (nie)rzeczywiste could be translated as (Un)real dreams. The exhibition addressed the issues of modernist and avant-garde utopias and socially and politically engaged art.

Visual Explanations, Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative", by Edward R. Tufte, Graphics Press, Cheshire Connecticut, 1997, Parson...


Minimal graphic design: 20 great posters

I like this poster because it shows the effect of going to war. Again, this poster is effective because it's simple with the contrast of off green and black. The drawings aren't detailed which is better because it is clearer

from Wabbaly

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

"Wajoda", Congress Political Poster, (2016), Graphic Design by Krzysztof Iwanski (b. 1985, Polish).