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A prompt for you to reflect on that special person or persons in your life that you feel connected to on a deep level. Write down in your journal, or as I like to call it your "Life Files" for 2 minutes about your soulmate and how they make you feel.

Summer is a perfect chance to climb a hill and catch a gorgeous Sunset. The weather is warm and delicious and you always get a nice spiritual perspective from up on high, looking at life from a distance and feeling the grandeur of existence. Am I getting too deep? Sorry, I know that can happen. Sunset Challenge: Take a minute and write down a favorite place you like to watch the sunset from. I challenge you to go there and catch a sunset there before the end of the month!

Don't take for granted your family! How my masturbating,cantankerous cat C.Z and how is fight back from near death reminded me to appreciate ALL my family.

I LOVE ME: Author David Francis on Writing and Self-Development

Goal Setting: What are your 3 main goals next month? What are your 3 main goals next month? Write down the date you want to accomplish them by. Now write down a baby step you can take to move you closer to achieving those goals.

Enjoy your challenge wherever you are! Whether you are 91 like Doris or 21 Like a young chap I am working with, the great thing about life is it is always throwing you curve balls and challenges. Some are easy, some are difficult but when you ask yourself, “How can I enjoy this challenge?”, it really opens up your mind and heart to accept the challenge and lean into it with some gusto.

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