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NASA Photo of the "Eye of God" in Space

Eye of God - one of the many amazing photos taken by the Hubble telescope.

I enjoy beautiful things. And there are beautiful things everywhere. 22 - singer/songwriter - Canada - "Together" w/ Boomslang releases March on TropiKult! "The Runaway Roots" EP releases in March!

How could you not follow this! ( Mike Shaw photography: A path that runs through the countryside at Lymn Dam, one of my favourite haunts when out with the camera, I love the gentle twist this path has as it disappears into the distance, I have photographed this many times)

Only in the fleeting darkness of a total solar eclipse is the light of the solar corona easily visible

Jupiter When God made Jupiter he thought, "Gosh I made such a wonderful gem stone when I made an opal why not make a whole planet like one. Then he spoke and Jupiter appeared as a monster opal in the universe.