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Something we loved from Instagram! Slight change in the design from the feedback. Design has got a little smaller and more compact. No more empty space inside. Let me know what you think. Production prototypes coming soon all previous prototypes have been 3D printed. Feel free to ask questions below! Everything is better #withicecream . I love my #raspberrypi #withicecream . #bringbackretrogaming and I'm going to do it #withicecream #bringbackretrogaming #retro #raspberrypi #nes #nintendo…

"---A Baseball Season You'll Never Forget--- It sneaks up on us each year. And yet it never comes soon enough. Baseball season. Around here it's more than a game it's an indicator. An indicator that warmer weather is upon us. An indicator that the grass is turning green again. An indicator that friends will start gathering on patios and backyards. An indicator that charcoal and propane will be purchased to fire up those grills again. Baseball season. A time when neighbors start…

Negative space: Using negative space on your walls can pull your eye to a focal point. By leaving part of your wall "empty," you make the art that is hanging stand out even more. But you can play the same game with your sofa; experiment with only one or even none when it comes to throw pillows to see how negative space adds interest.

The bench in this vibrantly colored five piece set is designed to fit alongside each other just like in the game – and comes with a hollowed out body ideal for storage. Set of 5 pieces of tetris-shaped seats. Each has a removeable cushion lid revealing 40cm of empty space (from top to bottom).

Here’s the thing: we often think that the empty space is just a stage to pass through. We think it’s a transition state, a moment of uncertainty on the way to something else. But it can be much more than that. The empty space is where we grow. The empty space is where we develop self-confidence. The empty space is where we reveal who we really are. In many ways, the empty space is where we come alive.

Why Does Game of Thrones Keep Using Rape to Fill Empty Space? OUR PRESIDENT OBVIOUSLY ENDORSES THIS SHOW BY SHARING HIS FUN MOMENT WITH US. EVIL IS RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN & APPARENTLY ACCEPTED BY AMERICANS. http://www.care2.com/causes/why-does-game-of-thrones-keep-using-rape-to-fill-empty-space.html

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