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President Peres and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Photo By: Mark Neiman/GPO

Truth...He would expect that these idiots actually WORK for the ridiculous money they make...for once!!!

I appreciate every person in Hollywood or who is well known who is speaking out for Israel. May God Bless each one abundantly.

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Translation: Americans are waaaay more duped by the shadow government and their Zionist agitators in the Middle-East than ever before… Baaaad American Christian Sheeple

May 14, 1948 – Israel is declared to be an independent state and a provisional government is established (Immediately after the declaration, Israel is attacked by the neighboring Arab states, triggering the 1948 Arab-Israeli War)

Allen West: ‘Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist’

Clinton's Middle East Foundation-Feeding Conflicts Of Interest How is it that what she has done, by taking money for favors in the Middle East, is not high crimes & misdemeanors, or treason??

obama’s “high horse” comment has folks questioning his Middle East policies. cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2015.

Israel - Hamas Negotiations Not Going Well - Eagle Rising