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I used to love taking road trips as a kid and getting to buy an icy cold bottle of pop at gas stations from one of these. They were filled with ice cold water that was so cold your hand hurt after you snaked your selection through the dispenser, but it was well worth it!

from Etsy

Vintage Metal Coin Dispenser Belt Clip

I remember the gas station attendants wearing these on their belts... and the paper boy collecting

from Retro Planet

Go Mod with a '60s- and '70s Style Dining Booth

road maps , available in gas stations for free

Loved getting to buy a soda from one of these machines when I was young... I think that I paid 25 cents for one. Then, you popped the top off on the bottle cap remover on the door!

Ice trays...they stuck to your fingers

Woolworth's sold a little bit of everything