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Organize Now: Simple Weekend Projects

I saw rolls of corkboard at JoAnn Fabrics. I could buy that, molding and attach this to the kids walls by their homeschool desks.

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Pillow Talk

DIY pillow. I need to invest in a sewing machine for all these DIY projects.

DIY Planter Box Centerpiece

Long box of dried or faux hydrangeas under flat screenso simple but so pretty. Could also work along a mantle or dresser or casual dining room table

This is a simplistic yet visually appealing design. The product has an inclusion of elements: patterns, words, pins and so forth. Additionally, the placement of the logo is nice and every element is assembled vertically and centrally.

How to Make Faux Coral {Inspired by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn inspired coral ... cheapo aquarium decorations from Walmart, spray painted ... who knew?