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Cronicbeats presents: How to get better results online with your music

Cronicbeats presents: A Simple formula to build a fanbase

Cronicbeats presents: How having great content online can change your mu...

Cronicbeats presents: How to turn a stranger into a fan for lifeIn today's video, we will go over How to turn a stranger into a fan for life. This is important if you want to make money doing what you love to do. You will need to add value that not only benefits you but also your fans.

Time saving tips for the busy music artist who can't afford to hire others

Many music artists ruin their reputation from the beginning and decrease their chances of ever making it in the music industry by making these silly mistakes that are easy to avoid. If you want to be successful with your music career, you must get focus on your music and build relationships with your fans.

Cronicbeats presents: What you should do when dropping your mixtape

There are two problems I see other music artists do. They do not know their key signatures so they end up flat, and they don't enunciate their words correctly. This can be a problem for the music engineer who is trying to mix and master your work. If you haven't fixed these problems, there is not much an music engineer can do for you. Mixing and mastering would be a waste of time and money.

Cronicbeats: The power of following up with your fans

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