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How to Lose Weight with the Caveman Diet

Low- and no-impact workouts are great for plus-sized people, people with joint problems, or people who simply cant do high-impact workouts. This workout works your entire body without straining your joints!

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arabswagger: Bedouin Man (babyyy i'm a rockstar)


Swimming Pool Exercises Using an Aqua Noodle

water aerobics( get your rainbow n put it where its suppose to be ...up there. Results are based on the efforts put in not the artificial injectors .its people. People people ... and what we do together for each other . Eachother is Everyone).

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People, people, this is part of a flippin’ KITCHEN. I have... (The Foo Dog Ate My Homework)


The Internet Has Given Us A Whole New Batch Of Phobias. WTF Is Happening In The Last Image?

Two kinds of people...obviously the second type are the best kinds of people

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12 things successful people do in the last 10 minutes of the workday

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A Quick Reader Survey

Are you nice? Mean people do upset me, though. Mostly people who take advantage of others and are inhumane. Inconsiderate and stuck up people (people who believe that they are superior to others) can be pretty annoying too.