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The Picts, early inhabitants of Scotland. Pict actually means "painted people". "Pict" was the name of the people who lived in Scotland before the Scots invaded from Ireland, that's right the tribe known as the Scots are Irish. The two lived together and gradually merged until the picts disappeared as a distinct people.

Jean Manco synthesises and summarises the most recent scholarship in these notes on the names and locations of the Celtic tribes of South-West England, and their links to early historic peoples.

Celtic: A relief of the Celtic God Sucellus ("Good Striker") and his wife, Nantosuelta ("Sun-Warmed Valley"), from Sarrebourg, France.

The Celts in Wales - The evidence suggests that by the first century AD, the language spoken in Wales - and throughout southern Britain - was Brythonic, a Celtic language closely related to the Gaulish of Gaul. Other aspects of British society, its class structure, for example, and the beliefs and practices of its priesthood, are also considered to have had links with Gaul.

Celtic Pagan statues , Lough Erne Fermanagh. The more famous of the statues, is a double-sided figure of two beings in typical 'Celtic' squatting mode, carved back-to-back, the E side being male with a pointed penis beneath the stylised crossed arms (all carved in high relief), and the W side being female, with a protruding tongue. There is incised zig-zag decoration between the two heads, which may represent hair, and both figures have a band or belt at the base of the torsos.