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You circumstances were never meant to be measured against your limited perspicacity and your finite strength, they were meant to be placed juxtaposed to the prodigious hand of God and exposed to His omnipotence and sovereignty. This is where the victorious life of the Christian Conqueror resides; underneath the shadow of the Almighty! Dr. Rick Wallace


We all face challenges within our lives, we are born to learn and grow from our everyday lessons.To discover what life is all about. Life is a gift, be grateful for the life; that you have been given...

Christian Impact - Some of the greatest advances that you will experience as a believer will be accomplished through your perseverance through life's struggles and vicissitudes. Believers must understand the immense power that is found in the midst of darkness and difficulty.

Christian Impact - Engaging the darkness does not have to be a losing proposition when it is approached from a prospective of unconquered faith. If you are tired of living a life of defeat, you are invited to a place where you will be introduced to an audacious faith that expects the supernatural and seeks the impossible.

Christian Impact - There is power in prayer. When Peter was in prison awaiting execution, it was prayer that brought his deliverance. When Elijah needed the power to defeat the priests of Baal, it was prayer that brought the power. Joshua used the power of prayer to cause the sun to stand still. No matter what it is you are facing right now, please understand that God responds to the pertinacity and passion of your prayers.

Christian Impact - It is easy to find yourself frustrated, upset, or even offended by the struggles and disappointments that seem to plague you all too frequently. As Christians, we often times take on the mindset that our relationship with Christ should free us from trials and tribulations, but that is contrary to scripture. God is working in your struggles to develop the valuable jewel that is within you.