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Water play is a sensory experience that can include all children. This however can be dangerous for some ages so we have to break the activity into age groups. Younger children will have low levels of water outdoors that will be supervised. This teaches the children on how water feels- the children can also splash the water with the other children. The older children can go to bigger areas such as excursions to ponds or picking up rocks out of the water. This will also be supervised.

This outdoor area is a play area that includes everyone, including children with disabilities. This picture shows a happy environment where children feel happy, secure and are accepted. We can learn a lot from this and create areas that are inclusive and accepting to all children.

I would like to ideally have a sandpit that can have a side of the sand pit underneath with chairs and a small space for children with wheelchairs to sit and play with the sand- this is is a way to include everyone in an important sensory experience.

The "campfire" style of environment could be effective in the outdoor classrooms. Everyone can share ideas in a circular environment and feels more inclusive

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Safari Small World Play

Safari Small World Play | Popular sensory small world play idea for toddlers and preschoolers, who will love getting their hands dirty in the sandpit during their outdoor play session! | Little Worlds Big Adventures

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Teaching kids to respect differences in others

Teaching kids to embrace diversity and be inclusive- "Children don't come with instructions, but they do come with open minds," writes Christopher Metzler, Ph.D., an authority on issues of diversity and inclusion.

This elevated sandbox is ADA Accessible for a great universal play piece in your playground, can also be used as a garden planter. Natural science and exploration are a key content area for early childhood education. Incorporate elements such as maps, telescopes, and science learning into the play environment to bring learning outdoors. 17' 6" x17' 6"