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Why Modern Meteorologists Use a 19th-Century Crystal Ball

The Exquisite 19th-Century Infographics That Explained the History of the Natural World

"Humboldt’s Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America, According to Elevation Above the Level of the Sea"–from Black's General Atlas, engraved by George Aikman The Exquisite Infographics That Explained the History of the Natural Worldarticle-image

The Extremely Strange World of Infinite Dungeon Video Games

Death comes in many representations in video games.

Mapping the Watery Future of New York City

<em>The Metropolis 2108</em> by Rick Meyerowitz.

The Future of Death Could Be a Shiny Cemetery Beneath the Manhattan Bridge

Constellation Park lights up the East River through pods containing decomposing biomass — the cemetery of the future.

This Artist Used Over 6,500 Scents To Recreate The Smell Of 35 World Cities

Sissel Tolaas in her studio in Berlin.