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Hi-Tech Globe Gardens

The Electrolux Pot Moots Monitors the Health of Your Indoor Plants #design #Creativity

November 19, 1969: Apollo 12 astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad plants the U.S. flag on the lunar surface. Photo credit: NASA

U.S. Electricity Demand Flat Since 2007 - IEEE Spectrum The U.S. economy has grown 8 percent since 2007, but the annualized electricity demand growth has been zero over that same period. That’s the first time in recent memory that U.S. energy use remained flat over multiyear span during which the economy expanded.

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Magic Leap patents reveal contact lens concept, tech to trick your eyes  by @heyheyesj

3D graphene: Solar cells' new platinum? 3D graphene as a possible replacement for platinum in new dye sensitized solar cells, this has the potential of significantly lowering costs.

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Battelle’s DroneDefender anti-drone beam gun grounds UAVs -


Vibration-Healing Bone Casts

The reason why i chose this item is because i believe this will help a lot of people with healing way faster than a normal cast which allows us too have our body parts back too normal really quick after having a broken body part