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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (7)

I+am+a+woman+of+strength,+independence and+intelligence. I+value+loyalty+&+truth. I+love+unconditionally. I+am+not+to+be+compared I+am+not+a+second+choice I+deserve+love+&+stability I+do+not+deserve+any+less. More

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It's Scary How Accurate These 23 Tweets Are About Dating And Relationships

Those are the worst people. People who leave you out on purpose, and treat you like you're worthless. It's incredibly mean and shameful, and thankfully, they'll have to live with themselves, not me. I'd feel bad for them, if I wasn't so disgusted. Shame on me for putting up with it for so long. Thinking the better of people doesn't always work out.

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7 people who gave up on civilization to live in the wild

Christopher McCandless: (via 7 people who gave up on civilization to live in the wild) Best known from Jon Krakauer's book "Into the Wild," and the Sean Penn-directed movie of the same name, Christopher McCandless (who renamed himself "Alexander Supertramp") was an American itinerant who dreamed of an Alaskan Odyssey in which he would live off the land, far from civilization...

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Mandamientos para colgar ropa en el closet