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How to Create a Food Storage Supply for You and your Spouse … For as Little as $5 per Week | Off The Grid News

Pet Disaster Kit Checklist #Pets #Emergency #DisasterKit

Dads Get Home Bag - so that he can get home to us! | Mom with a PREP Rugged Thug

Pet emergency kit. Chewie's got one... a couple water bottles, plus clear shoebox in his carrier full of food, bowl, harness and leash, proof of vaccination, number for the microchip company, photo. Skipped the litter in favor of letting him do his business outside.

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important/emergency Info station by door (student list, contact info, medical info, ect.)

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Dare to Prepare: Obtaining and Storing Disaster Preparedness Supplies

Dare to Prepare: Obtaining and Storing Disaster Preparedness Supplies | It’s easy to talk about which preparedness supplies you need, but it’s often difficult to actually obtain and store the supplies. Here are some tips.

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Temporary Housing Units

new shelter technology - we can go with tried and tested shelters like Hexayurts or pioneer the development of new shelters