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The Wishing Tree at the @VAmuseum: Delhi-based designers Sarthak and Sahil designed this abstract tree, which is part of The India Festival at the V&A. Classic Indian motifs such as the lotus petal and paisley decorate the three-and-a-half metre structure and a light installation is a metaphor for hope, prosperity and ecology (as well as making the whole thing look even prettier).

Regent's Canal, Camden Town, Londres Pin by

Victorian homes line a snow covered street in Westminster, London.

I see a lot of boards that have this pin, but I've never seen it put in context. This is the side view of Harrods. The entrance in the lower right corner is one of the busiest entrances, being so near the tube exit. In 1983 just before Christmas the IRA planted a bomb just outside the entrance. The IRA made a phone call warning of the bomb, but it went off before the site could be cleared. Six people were killed and 90 injured.

If you're studying abroad in #London, keep your eyes open for interesting architectural and interior details all around you. The Royal Arcade is found in Mayfair, a covered walkway full of tiny shops on both sides. It's not far from Green Park and Piccadilly Circus and worth wandering through if you're in the area.