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Vampirella, Issue 76 cover: worked on this with Louise Simonson (at that time Louise Jones) editor extraordinaire.

Vampirella #78 cover: I was looking for this one. I dropped the logo below the normal 'viewing position' - allowing Barbara Leigh's face to be what peered out at the reader in the racks. And always liked the 'tattoo' that I gave her for the title story.

Warren magazine's Vampirella #1with a Frank Frazetta cover

Vampirella, Issue 85 cover: revamped (pun intended) the logo for this one - giving it a chromed, Harleyesque feel.

Vampirella, Issue 83 cover: using a Gonzales Vampi (he's great) I created the airbrush serpent (thanks to H.R. Giger technique-wise) Love the 70's typography and colouring.

Classic+Comic+Book+vampirelli | Vampirella Covers

Vampirella, Issue 77 cover: Art direction/collage from a photo of Barbara Leigh as Vampirella. I believe that the Dragon in the background was done by Walt (Simonson) - but he can correct me if I'm in error...

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Vampirella; V1, 75. FN+. January 1979. Warren Magazine

Vampirella V1 75. FN. January 1979. Warren by RubbersuitStudios #vampirella #comicbooks

Vampirella, Issue 75 cover: I think this is my personal fave - photo collage with a Gonzales Vampi, an oil-swirl background and a very lovable creature thanks to my airbrush and it's splatter. The most expensive cover Warren ever produced, it was done entirely in B/W and I directed the colour separator (remember them?) in the colour-stripping (about: $3k in 1979 dollars)