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Air New Zealand is the first real airline to invest millions of dollars in an innovative coach product.

America, the Beautiful: The United States of America State Flags

We are The United States of America. Do you know what your state flag looks like? I tried to compile the fifty state flags here.


The three planes making circles in the air. Like a giant smoke ring.

Official Flight Connection Phone!  LMAO!!!

Enjoy hundreds of flight crew and passenger themed cartoons, created by current flight attendant Kelly Kincaid.

After coffee spill forces plane down: More weird emergency ...

After coffee spill forces plane down: More weird emergency landings

Mega Disasters - Motorway Plane Crash Seconds from Disaster is an American documentary television series that first began broadcasting in 2004 on the Nationa.

Icelandic Air... Hysterical! Brian better behave

A drunken passenger on a New York-bound flight from Iceland was duct-taped to his seat by fellow passengers after attacking one woman, spitting on other passengers and screaming the plane was going to crash.

United Airlines flight attendant's rear end sticker reinforces new unfriendly skies reality

"Flight attendants are on this aircraft to save your rear end, not kiss it!" That's the warm and fuzzy "Welcome aboard" with whic

The Evolution of the Airline Logo #infographic #Airline #Logo

The Evolution of the Airline Logo #infographic

There are a lot of airlines out there, each with its own logo. How many of these logos would you recognize though? While you might be familiar with several logos (even for one company), the airline industry has a history … Continue reading →

Wearing It Today: WIT-ty summer holiday packing

Summer Holiday: packing tips for summer / holiday / mini-vacation / getaway / casual / travel / trip by tailoredelegance