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This pic is what made me decide I wanted to write THIS Jaqen based off of Tom Wlaschiha rather than Teo Theodoridis (Teo is my inspiration for Jaqen in The Assassin's Apprentice)

Game Of Thrones' Jaquen H'Ghar before he changed his face (played here by Tom Wlaschiha) ~ much prettier like this! Sexy smile and love that accent too, yum ;)

Tom Wlaschiha / Game of Thrones by Paul_Partyzimmer

Jaqen H'ghar (played by Tom Wlaschiha) from "Game of Thrones".

Jaqen H'ghar is a name used by a member of the Faceless Men, assassins who follow a personification of death known as the Many-Faced God, so named because they can change appearances at will~~Vahlar Morgoulis is the greeting used by the Faceless Men, which translates to "all men must die" in High Valyrian. It is a customary saying in Essos, and is traditionally answered with "Valar Dohaeris," meaning "all men must serve."

Tom Wlaschiha - Game of Thrones …