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A most unusual plant from the Canary Islands. Individual plants form a perfect flat disc which can grow to 45 in diameter. This plant is also commonly called saucer plant. Aeonium tabuliforme. Sometimes, the form will be crested in the center, making it look like a big green turtle

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Top 20 Most Interesting Plants of the World

Weird Orange and Sandy Brown Plant - Hydnora africana, a parasitic plant that lives off the root system of the Euphorbiaceous family of flowering trees and shrubs

Nepenthes, known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, is a genus of carnivorous plants.The genus comprises roughly 140 species, and numerous and many cultivated hybrids. They are mostly liana-forming plants of the Old World tropics, ranging from South China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; westward to Madagascar and the Seychelles; southward to Australia and New Caledonia; and northward to India and Sri Lanka.

From outer space - I mean Chile - comes the amazing, rare Bromeliad, the Blue Puya. With its massive, 7 foot flower cluster, this is one of most outrageous plants anywhere. The turquoise-blue color is very rare in the plant world, and it's even rarer to be combined with orange.


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Like Jurassic Park, minus all the scary stuff.

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants at Chelsea Flower

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Interesting Green Plantable by JAILmake Studio

How to add more plants to your home without building up in cluster

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10 of the World's Strangest Plant Species

Adansonia Grandidieri or Baobab is the common name of a genus (Adansonia) containing eight species of trees, native to Madagascar, mainland Africa and Australia. Also known as the Bottle Tree, not only do they look like bottles, but the trees typically store around 300 liters of water! No wonder why they often live over 500 years!

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Echeveria Flowers

Echeverias are succulents and are easy to grow and are spectacular. There are about 150 species of echeveria, with a wide range of colors and textures.