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•“Realizing that change is a process, most of us would never get angry at a seed for not being a flower or expect a sculptor to transform a block of marble into a masterpiece overnight. In each case, we acknowledge the potential and patiently hope for and nurture the development.” –Brad Wilcox (from his book ‘The Continuous Atonement’) •Enjoy more from Brad Wilcox

My message is "Be patient. You are doing better than you realize. Hang in there!" —Brad Wilcox, in "The Continuous Conversion

“As important as good deeds and extra miles may be, they are not the core of Christianity. The core of Christianity is the Atonement of Jesus Christ, who suffered and died on the cross so that we might live.” –Brad Wilcox (from his book ‘The 7-Day Christian’) ... Learn more about the Savior’s Atonement

35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

God did not remove the Red Sea, He opened it; He will help us find a way through our problems as well. From Brad Wilcox book “The 7—day Christian: How Living Your Beliefs Everyday can Change the World.”

“God, as a loving Father, will stretch our souls at times. The soul is like a violin string: it makes music only when it is stretched… God will tutor us by trying us because He loves us, not because of indifference!” –Neal A. Maxwell

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30 Adventure and Travel Quotes #Adventure quotes #Sayings