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How Virtual Reality Declared War On PTSD | Gizmodo Australia. Despite VR’s potential for gaming and entertainment, one group are quietly developing ground-breaking VR programs to treat a myriad of difficult psychological conditions including PTSD. Albert “Skip” Rizzo, a clinical psychologist, Director of Medical Virtual Reality working in a brain injury center, found clients stimulated more by GameBoy than any prescribed treatments. SimCity was great training device in cognitive rehah

NanoVR (@nano_VR) | Twitter "Nanotechnology Enters the Age of Virtual Reality" on @LinkedIn. Based on Nanotechnology, we are developing a software for purposes of taking nano-sized particles and simulating them in virtual reality to help in research.

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Design Practices in Virtual Reality

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Design Practices in Virtual Reality

Firewatch's environment presents players with a diverse palette of emotion suited to every mood. When it needs to be vast and hopeful, it is. When it needs to be claustrophobic and foreboding, it is.

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Why Google Daydream matters — and how it could change virtual reality

Why Google Daydream matters — and how it could change virtual reality. Well beyond disposable Google cardboard...Cardboard’s accessibility and price made it popular, but they’ve also heavily limited the quality and length of experiences. After two years, Google wants a mobile VR platform that doesn’t just introduce people to virtual reality but makes them want to stay there.


Réalité Virtuelle : Superdata revoit ses estimations à la baisse

Virtual Reality: Superdata reviews its estimates downward...Certainly a more realistic estimate is also based on the consumer survey. According to the latter, 50% of Americans are not interested or do not know the virtual reality . Worse, 80% of respondents have no, or very little, heard of the VR. As Juniper last few months , Superdata imagined very big sales for VR headsets. Analysts and imagine 5.1 billion in profits just over 2016, before falling back on a small 3.6 billion a few months…

The Future of Storytelling in VR NVIDIA invites you to explore virtual reality as a storytelling medium across VR filmmaking, location-based entertainment and more. Join experts from 20th Century Fox, Baobab Studios, Spaces, and Walt Disney Imagineering as they discuss the future of storytelling in VR at SIGGRAPH 2016. The panel is moderated by Digital Cinema Society Founder, James Mathers.

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How to get started in VR as a designer