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4 Vintage pink Whitehall Cubist tall footed ice tea goblet tumbler - vintage pink ice tea glass - American Fostoria tumbler Cube pattern $58 plus $15 shipping

curiosityid: “ This panel for anyone who thinks Bruce ignores/hates Tim or is a terrible father. Clearly, he is not. ”

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Sand in you shorts! Recipe for the beach feeling sitting on a sofa right at your home! Get all Ingredients @ Ice Cube #Chandigarh

no--no, no. these are all bad. ellen is good. we want ellen to stay good. sacrificing bad people for her might make her bad. no.

Bahahahahaha, I can so see Z saying this

songofsunset: Because The Knitter totally has to make bad knitting puns.  Also, I dunno if we have a hero for him to fight yet, so Batman it is!

An inexpensive gift to give a friend or colleague. I did this as high school graduation gifts for a bunch of friends this year and they LOVED them!