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"You're not going to not like someone just because they have a different taste in movies as you." I relied with, "Bruh, human rights do not equate with movie genres..."

Yes, I ship it, yes, I love them both to death, but no, I do not harass them and go overboard. Nobody should. Please be respectful of the fact that they're humans with emotions and opinions and feelings. They know what's going on. Respect their right to privacy and respect them.

from Love and Lemons

Apple Sage Grilled Cheese

I would have liked it better if the Red Lion had tried to eat Keith and they had to win each others respect like that but... Maybe I just love the Avatar movie too much....

Dear guys, it's 100% okay if you don't have a six pack. You don't have to be athletic. You don't need to fit society's standards. You don't need to be 6ft tall. Yall are perfect just the way you are

cornpuppehart: “My inktober challenge - if you follow these prompts please tag your post #clarasinktoberchallenge so I can see all your lovely art!!!! They get more halloweeny towards the end of the month. ” My lovely Instagram friend @cornpuppeh has...