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The hardest dilemma to pull myself out of is the one where I can't decide whether to sing the main lyrics as they fade into the backup vocals, or to switch to backup vocals as soon as they start and leave the main vocals to themselves. Ah, I love music...

Potato, potato, ching chong tomato is even too philosophical for me during the day. I'm more like: sleep, coffee, more sleep, more coffee... Oh my God! I'm a zombie! Lol.

This is so freakin me. We're having a great time together. So much in common. Me: "Hey, you wanna watch some Doctor Who?" Also me: "Fuck yes! How did you know? Guess which episode."

OCD or Legit?

I know why... it is the way your brain habitually reads left to right and top to bottom (how you would see an actual human smiling). It is counterintuitive to read the smiley the first way, and makes you feel uncomfortable.. lol