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The news of Cecil being killed is disturbing and barbaric. This is only one out of thousands being killed for pleasure, (if you can call it that). The government has to put a stop to this before these magnificent animals are extinct. This is not a sport, it's pure barbaric....

from Danielle Dowling

Reality of Marriage + Wellness Reads

Paris --- This photo is perfect, we can see the perfection of the buidings in paris and the symbol of the city, the tour Eiffel

Clint Walker of the TV Western Cheyenne. "Cheyenne, Cheyenne, where will you be sleeping tonight? Cheyenne. Cheyenne, Cheyenne may your heart stay free and wild, Cheyenne..."

"When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the Earth?" Carl Jung

from Blaze Press

Weekly Inspiration 12

I like the idea of the lion snarling or something, maybe looking mad. I don't want some pristine, perfect looking lion.

from Suburban Men

Daily Man Up (30 Photos) - April 2, 2015

Real men don't talk about their sexual conquests or call a woman out of her name. My father once told me "No matter if a woman is a sinner or a saint when you lay with her you become her equal. So no matter what you feel about them, it's also a reflection of yourself."

Dr. Seuss quotes - begin the year with quotes on a bulletin board. Discuss the importance of each one during morning/afternoon meeting.

Goldendoodle. A 'hypoallergenic' breed. Please, can we have one?! I will carry him around like this.

So I'm pretty much obsessed with this movie. I saw it twice in the regular theaters, and again in the dollar theater. And to top it all off, Matt Damon is the lead. How could you not love that?