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Hublot. Million $ Black Caviar Bang Price: $ 1,000,000 This is the most expensive with the number 544 black diamonds offer a total of 34.5 carats created in 1980 by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Soccer ball: Yair Shimansky is a famous designer in South Africa who designed the most expensive diamond covered "football" in the whole world ever. This special "football" is used of 6620 pieces of white diamonds and 2640 pieces of black diamonds totally, and it took the designer three months, its total value $2,500,000.00

At an eye-watering price tag of $1,500, this is sure to impress. The invitation only business cards created by UK based Black Astrum (who specialise in diamond products for ultra high net worth individuals are an enterprising foray into the supreme luxury market.

Antilla, Mumbai, India: $1,000,000,000.00 billion It’s new house of Mukesh Ambani or Reliance Industries. It’s a 27 floors building with 40,000 square feet in total land space. The building is 570 feet tall with a total of 400,000 square feet of interior space. The building has a dedicated 6 stories for car parking alone to park 168 cars collection of Ambani. Inside the house you will find nine elevators with lot of lounge and personal gym in each floor. Thi

Dracula's Castle in Romania $135,000,000.00 This amazing house, castle actually, is an old building that has 57 rooms, 17 bedrooms that decorate with beautiful antique furniture. It’s located in the top of hill so the scenery must be wonderful from there.

$55,000.00 The Gold RC1 offers control over TV/video/DVD, music/CD, internet, e-mail, CCTV, burglary alarm, lights, curtains, air-conditioning and surveillance of navigation systems etc

Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons $170,000,000.00 This marvelous house is the house of Ira Rennert. It’s built in 63 acres area and become the largest residential in the US. The house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, large dining room of 91 feet long. You can find a bowling alley for your entertainment as well. You can find a 150,000 hot tub in this house as well. This beachfront home is completely for private house usage only. You can imagine this building is not a hotel, spa, resort or retreat…