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You, Pieces Of You In Everything #FLO

The doggy paradise ‘Land Of The Strays’ in Costa Rica

Land of the strays in Costa Rica

"Hey" I whispered "you okay?" I looked up at him wondering how I ever got so lucky with a guy like him. He looked down at me with those dazzling green eyes,"yea, just thinking about how beautiful you are." I blushed.

Angels Care Center, Professional Medical Services

Angels Care Center

Located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, near the surf town of Dominical, Hotel Cuna del Angel, meaning the cradle of an angel, is a exclusive and cozy boutique hotel. Surrounded by tropical jungle and stunning beaches, this hotel is perfect destination for the nature lovers as well as for the adventure lover who love to enjoy beach activities. #costarica #CunadelAngel #hotelsincostarica