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Chakra Flower Girl increasing vibrational frequencies via opening chakras. This piece was created using ink, colored pencil, and watercolor by Christine Huber You can find products with this design at

Vishuddha - throat chakra mudra by Tilly Campbell-Allen Abrir el Chakra de la Garganta (azul) Este chakra se basa en la auto-expresión y comunicación . Cuando el chakra está abierto, expresarte es fácil, y el arte parece ser una gran manera de hacer esto. Si se trata de menores de activos: se tiende a no hablar demasiado, por lo que se clasifican como tímido. Si a menudo miente, este chakra puede ser bloqueada. Si es más activa: se tiende a hablar mucho, que molesta a mucha gente. También…

Be Spiritually Free With the Help of Third Eye Meditation

When you were an infant, you were born with a third eye fully open to witness the power and glory of the universe. From a subatomic perspective to the infinity of the galaxies, you were able to see life fully and appreciate its wisdom and bounty. But as you grew older, you were conditioned by parents, teachers, managers, peers, and everyone else around you to cover your third eye with layer upon layer of illusion and confusion, until your third eye was closed and your inner witness was...

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of Shakti, the feminine aspect of Divine energy. This is the center of all creativity, whether giving birth to a child, a story or any other work of art. This is the source of creative energy for all artists.