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A computer-generated image from the University of Dundee of the face of Mary, Queen of Scots, as she would have looked at the time of her reign. Photograph: Wilkinson/Aitken/University of D/PA

Puerto Rican electronics engineer and scientist, Amri Hernández-Pellerano, designed the power systems electronics for the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) mission. WMAP is a NASA Explorer mission spacecraft which measures the temperature of the cosmic background radiation over the full sky with unprecedented accuracy. Pa'lante to our Latinos/Latinas in the STEM field!

Kendra Wilkinson Since having son Hank IV (with hubby Hank Baskett, 28) in December, the Kendra star, 25, has shed 40 pounds with a salad-pa...

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