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Hi, welcome to my blog,. My name is Michael. I live in Denver. This is what makes me smile. Enjoy!

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the wind blowing on your skin as the car goes fast

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Sunday Inspiration: Power

“Out of small [and simple] things proceedeth that which is great” (D&C 64:33). ... The small courtesies, the simple words and acts to show we care, are what make life sweet and bearable for us all, keep us afloat, sprinkle magic into our sometimes turbulent lives, soften hardships, and always seem to brighten days when we could use an extra boost. What may seem like a tiny drop in a huge ocean, by the ripple effect will continually lead to much larger and wonderful things—even miracles!

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What are you looking at?! Look into My Eyes

nice What are you looking at?! Look into My Eyes!...

First you need to name it, then make it a hotel, then find it some friends, it is quite a job!

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Am I really happy? My nature is to be happy..I am a lover of life!! Being with happy people makes me even more happy..Happiness attracts it grows and grows and before you know it...let's call this the happiest set of words you will ever " happy is as happy does"...or "let's stay happy". Lol

Invention #1: What you can do by just playing with an orange. I couldn't think of which board I should put it under; food or animals!!