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This is probably the best tea ever for pregnant to relieve any muscle soreness pain. I am currently in 25 week of my pregnancy and felt some pain issues - like whole my body was just stiff. This whole healing ritual helped me get on my feet again: tea, relax, bath, cold shower and massage....check the recipe on my web site. your moonweaver

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Custom Pregnancy Countdown Paper Chain with Food Size Comparison

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Original Best.Oops.Ever - Surprise Pregnancy, Funny Baby Shirt

Original Best.Oops.Ever Surprise Pregnancy by LifeCanBeShirty on Etsy, $14.99 - TMI, perhaps, but still really funny!

The truth about being pregnant --This is so funny, ignore the profanity, but I laughed so hard I was crying.

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Hip Opening Stretches During Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant, it's time to prepare your body for labor by incorporating specific hip stretches into your prenatal workout routine. Here are some hip opening stretches during pregnancy that you can do.

This is birth story of my 3th birth. To be honest, also my previous 2 clinical births has been painless, but only untill the moment doctors started to make invasive and painfull methods to me. First birth ended in total Obstetric violence – doctor screaming on me after episiotomy without any sort of help against unbearable pain, the second hospital birth of my son Nils even ended tragical with his death. Third time, I sweared that I will fully manage this HOME birth and prepared immensely…