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This is probably the best tea ever for pregnant to relieve any muscle soreness pain. I am currently in 25 week of my pregnancy and felt some pain issues - like whole my body was just stiff. This whole healing ritual helped me get on my feet again: tea, relax, bath, cold shower and massage....check the recipe on my web site. your moonweaver

6 Surprising Stats that will Change the Way You Give Birth

Before you go into labor, check out these 6 surprising birth and pregnancy statistics that will change the way you give birth. These statistics are just a sampling of the evidence that should make us rethink business as usual when it comes to birth in America. Each one represents a choice that many pregnant women are called upon to make about their births. If women had this information available to them, they might choose differently for themselves and their babies.

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When Do Babies Start Teething? And other baby teething Answers

When do babies start teething? Find out when you'll see baby's first tooth—and when you can expect all the other teeth too—in our baby teething chart. www.mamanatural.c...

Pregnancy Poster with Weekly Food Size Comparison 8x10 (Digital)

How big is your baby? We just love this cute poster—what a great tool for big brothers and sisters to follow baby's growth!

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