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"Authorities in the city of Yulin have banned civil servants from eating dog meat in public" But privately is OK

A dog was found dead from starvation and another was reportedly left trapped alone in a crate without food or water at an apartment. Demand justice for these horrendously abused animals.

This person left two innocent pet dogs to die after they were hung by a thick chain, right in front of his house. The attacker ...

What Is the Best Way to Stop a Dog Fight? | Psychology Today | Good to know. We have many, many dogs in our neighborhood and not all are leashed.

10 Cute Dog Pictures for Your Day

Golden Retriever Bodysurfing #Golden Retriever with mad skills, fetching a tennis ball then bodysurfing back to the beach! The Easy Way Videos - Expert Dog Training for any Dog or Puppy!

Officers claimed that a pet dog charged them during a home sweep, forcing them to shoot. The dog's autopsy revealed that he was incapable of this attack and instead was running away when he died. Demand the police department cease their fatal tactics against innocent pets.