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Visual, designed to support positive publicity for the newest gambling venue in England, currently planned in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Concept by popular creative, Robert Rusin.

Preview of the 2013 Milton Keynes promotional posters by England's popular artist, Robert Rusin.

One of the recent designs by popular art-creative, Robert Rusin, depicting Milton Keynes (England) in trendy illustrations. Web

Almost like coral reef or some tropical lagoon. Illustration of Newton Leys (Milton Keynes, UK) by popular art-creative, Robert Rusin |

Lemon (C.Limon) - an example of creative graphic design, depicting a fruit. Print design by Robert Rusin from England.

Stylish and modern art-prints add colour and vibrancy to functional/minimal interiors. This example shows two large-size artworks by popular art-creative, Robert Rusin at Milton Keynes, UK. More of this designer:

Saturn - the most spectacular planet of the Solar System, beside the Earth, shows its amazing rings and a few moons in this very attractive and decorative poster design by England's popular artist, Robert Rusin.

Europe in colour. Stunning poster print by England's popular art-creative, Robert Rusin, known to have sold his art to twenty countries worldwide since 2008.

In-Box-ing - recent artwork by talented and popular artist, Robert Rusin from England. Original sketched entirely by hand with only computer-generated font.