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Kaname Kuran& Yuki Cross Still not brother and sister so PLEASE stop saying that. Obviously you're not going to but I'm trying to keep hope alive.

alchemist.....although i'm the witch with my friends( don't mess with me or i just might curse u*winks* ) ^.^

Why my room was flooded with rainbows by the time I finished episode 6 of Vampire Knight, seriously.

(Play him) I was taken by a dark haired man, my family were Vampire Hunters. I lived to kill them. I slowly wake up in a fancy bed, that's round and bigger then a queen. "You've awoken, my dear." A deep, smooth voice says. I turn and see him—the Vampire. I look and see no weapons. "I'm Damon, and your my Blood Mate." He says in a smooth voice as he sits near the edge, not too close to me. He points to my neck. I feel marks, his fangs, and marks of a rose go up my neck to my cheek. Oh god.