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'Bionic Bra' could revolutionize the brassiere as we know it

Many women focus on anti-aging advice for skin care, fitness, and diet to look younger, but a lot of women tend to forget about one very important body part

Brassiere from 1st quarter of 20th c. from

1960 “No Bra” Brassiere designed exclusively for Exquisite Form by RUDI GERNREICH. This revolutionary designer of the topless bathing suit and see-through evening blouse is famous for the natural bare look even in his covered- up fashions. That’s why it’s news when he, of all designers, designs a bra. No gimmick, the “NO BRA” bra supports yet gives you the natural nude look of a firm, young, braless bosom. Via The Victoria & Albert Museum

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25 Things You Didn't Know About Your Bra

Bra or no bra, here’s to the girls. Let’s celebrate them with a few bra facts. Maybe afterwards, you’ll be able to determine if you should wear a bra or not.

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This Artist Embroidered Tupac And Biggie's Rhymes On Lingerie To Make You Rethink Hip-Hop Lyrics